Artificial intelligence and Data science.

This is a process from admission to study (based on a successfully passed test) to enrollment in the study. It is necessary to provide several binding documents and, if you are applying for a visa, also extra documents, according to the instructions of the relevant embassies in your country.

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(procedure for admitted students):

  • Possibility of entry in summer or winter semestr
  • Accommodation request

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For students who are interested in studying in this selective study program and come from outside the EU, the situation is a bit more complicated. You should first contact the Czech Embassy in your country and ask if:

  1. Does your home country have a visa waiver agreement with the EU signed?
  2. What are the requirements for obtaining a valid student (or later permanent) visa for the duration of your study with us. If you need a visa to study the MAID program, you should in general meet the following requirements (they may vary, compiled based on previous experience):
    1. Confirmation of admission to study.
    2. Letter confirming accommodation (see section „Accommodation“).
    3. Personal bank account with the amount deposited (may vary – the exact amount must be requested from the relevant embassy).
    4. Extract from the criminal record.
    5. Valid health insurance.

Keep in mind that you will study in two countries – in the Czech Republic and Germany. Therefore, we recommend all students to obtain a visa valid for both countries, not to rely only on a visa for one country and the possibility of Schengen movement (EU member states). The Schengen visa is valid for travel outside the country of validity only for 3 months with the obligation to return at least 6 months between re-trips to the same country.

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