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If you are a student from countries outside the EU or if you are a student from EU countries but originally from outside the EU, you are obliged to apply for a long-term visa purpose of the student to study in the Czech Republic. Please contact the local Czech embassy or consulate for details of your application.

Keep in mind that you will study in two countries – in the Czech Republic and Germany. Therefore, we recommend all students to obtain a visa valid for both countries, not to rely only on a visa for one country and the possibility of Schengen movement (EU member states). Not anymore – if you have a student visa for one EU country it is valid for another EU country for study purposes! In other words, you do not have to apply for a visa again for the partner country if you already have one (e.g. if you have a student visa for DE you do not have to apply again for CZ and vice versa). However, you must indicate on your visa application that you will be studying in both Germany and the Czech Republic.

The Schengen visa (non-student) is valid for travel outside the country of validity only for 3 months with the obligation to return at least 6 months between re-trips to the same country.

You should USUALLY fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Study acceptance confirmation letter.
  2. Proof of accommodation
  3. Proof of funds – Personal bank account with a given amount of money deposited (you should ask the appropriate embassy for the exact amount).
  4. Criminal record letter.
  5. Health insurance.
  6. Travel document – passport (original).
  7. 1 photograph

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