Artificial intelligence and Data science.

The condition for completing the joint study program (and the award of academic degrees resulting from it) is the successful passing of the final state examination. It consists of two parts:

  • Thesis defense
  • Knowledge part

Directory:\Qualification work and defense

The diploma thesis is a fundamental output of the study program. The student demonstrates that he / she is able to independently solve a specific task in the field of informatics, artificial intelligence or data science and at the same time apply the knowledge acquired during the study

The topic of the final thesis is primarily determined by the student in consultation with the selected teacher. Write the assigned topic together with your supervisor “Assignment protocol of the qualification thesis” (download: USB – Assignment of Master Thesis, THD- Assignment of Master Thesis). He will sign it and also have your head and the head of the department signed.

MAID state exams procedure 2024

Recommended Action:

  1. Selection of a potential trainer from the list of employees of the Department of Informatics (in exceptional cases (by agreement) the trainer may also be an external collaborator of the Department of Informatics). The potential supervisor should cover the area to which the student wants to direct the qualification work with his / her professional erudition.

The diploma thesis should be a work professionally in amount and significantly exceed the bachelor’s degree qualification work – not only by expertise, but also by scope.

  1. Contacting the supervisor and arranging a meeting to determine the topic of the final thesis. At this stage, the student should already have an idea of at least the area of interest to which the qualification work will be directed.
  2. Concretization of the topic, with the professional view of a potential trainer, whether the issue has the potential for defensible qualification work.
  3. Writing the first version of the assignment protocol for the final thesis (by the supervisor) and mission to the student. This process can take several iterations.
  4. Approval of the final form of the tender protocol and delivery to the secretary of the Department of Informatics for the start of the signing process.
  5. Collection of the signed assignment protocol and its immediate delivery to the study department of the Faculty of Science.

During the elaboration of the diploma thesis, the student enrolls in the course UAI / 508 “Master Seminar”, where he learns how to develop the qualification thesis, what are its principles and especially to obtain the credit.

At the same time, the student enrolls in the course UAI / 882 “Master Thesis” during the elaboration of the diploma thesis. To successfully complete this course, it is necessary to demonstrably declare the time spent with the elaboration of the diploma thesis. Credit is awarded by the head of the department on the basis of information from the supervisor.

Thesis defense is a part of the final state examination (part 1). This takes place after the submission of the qualification thesis to the IS STAG system and the student’s registration for the defense at the study department of the Faculty of Science.

It is necessary to follow the academic calendar for the given academic year by which the qualification thesis is submitted.

The diploma thesis still has mandatory assessments – 1x supervisor’s report and 2x opponent’s report. The second opponent can be from a partner university, another university, or an internship.

If the reports are not recommended, the student has the opportunity to waive the defense of the qualification thesis.

The defense itself takes place before a commission composed of representatives of both universities. There is a time of 45 minutes (15 minutes of own presentation + 15 minutes of testimonials + 15 minutes of discussion and questions of commission members).

Directory:\The thematic areas

The final state examination always consists of a subset of subjects completed during the study. Particulary speaking about:

Part: Theoretical Fundamentals

  • Theoretical Fundamentals – tematické okruhy navazují zejména na předměty:
  • Information Theory
  • Math for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of AI

Part: Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence – the thematic areas follow mainly on the subjects:
  • AI & Software Development
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Computational Intelligence

Part: Data Science

  • Data Science – the thematic areas follow mainly on the subjects:
  • Advanced Data Storages and Analyses
  • Parallel programming and computing
  • Distributed Algorithms

Specific topics:
MAID state exams topics – ver 2023 summer semester

Directory:\General information

  • Study programme name: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Study format: Full-time
  • Standard period of study: 1,5 – 2 years
  • Language of study: English
  • Academic title: Master of Science (M.Sc.) / Magistr (Mgr)
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