Artificial intelligence and Data science.

  • Admitted students can start in the summer semester at THD, or in the summer semester at USB, at their discretion (they inform about this during registration). If the student does not manage to apply for a visa for entry in the summer semester, he/she must apply in the winter semester on USB.
  • Students should complete the first two semesters as teaching semesters on THD and USB. The remaining semesters, focused on internship and diploma thesis, can be completed at any of the universities.
  • The teaching semester is summer for THD and winter for USB. Courses taught cannot be completed in another semester (eg courses taught on USB cannot be completed in the summer semester – repeated enrollment is only possible for another year).
  • In each semester, a student should typically obtain 30 credits (ECTS).
  • After completing all compulsory subjects and achieving 120 credits (ECTS), it is possible to register for state exams and the defense of a diploma thesis.
  • Internship, master’s thesis, language and some optional subjects can be enrolled in both summer and winter semesters. However, subjects cannot be written to USB and THD at the same time.
  • Study rules and regulations differ on USB and THD! The rules always apply to students depending on where they study a particular semester. Links to key regulations:
  • Before each semester, the so-called pre-registration in the STAG system takes place on USB, where students choose subjects for the next semester.
  • Whenever a student completes a semester in THD, he/she must enrol in the USB course UAI/056 Study Placement – Master Study-THD. By enrolling in this course, USB informs that in the upcoming semester will study at THD.
  • Academic calendar:

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The system of study in Germany and the Czech Republic differs in some aspects and is based on the current legislation governing the operation of universities.
There are fundamental differences (to be gradually updated):

1. Examinations

  • In the Czech Republic, once a course has been registered, it is compulsory to complete it in a given semester!
  • There are 3 attempts per exam (one regular and two correctives). If the course is failed by the end of the semester it is taken, it can be re-enrolled (but only 2 times in total!) in the following academic year when the course is taught again.
  • The same rules apply again to course re-enrollment (i.e., the possibility of up to 3 exam attempts, but only in a given semester).
  • Simply put: Enrolment in a course = obligation to take the exam
  • In Germany there is no obligation to take an exam in the semester in which the course is enrolled.
  • You have to register for the exam separately. If the exam is not passed in a given semester, it can be repeated in the following semester at the earliest.
  • If it fails again, it may not be repeated until the following semester.
  • In contrast to CZ, you cannot register for the course again!

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  • Study programme name: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Study format: Full-time
  • Standard period of study: 1,5 – 2 years
  • Language of study: English
  • Academic title: Master of Science (M.Sc.) / Magistr (Mgr)
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