Artificial intelligence and Data science.

This master’s study programme is open to all potential applicants who have the required knowledge in the field of informatics, have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree and are highly proficient in English.

In order to be admitted to this study programme, applicants must pass a written entrance examination on topics related to the content of the bachelor’s state examination. Applicants must also provide a diploma supplement with the required number of credits in informatics. The aim of the admission procedure is to verify whether the applicant’s knowledge acquired in the bachelor’s study programme is sufficient to enable them to succeed in this master’s degree programme. If the number of applicants is higher than the number of admitted students, students who meet the conditions based on the results of the written entrance examination will be admitted (the maximum number of students admitted to individual study programmes is determined in the Dean´s Provisions  for a given academic year).

Directory:\Conditions for admission:

  • Successful completion of a bachelor’s education.
  • Knowledge of English at level B2 or higher (proven by a certificate or an interview).
  • Achieving a minimum of 90 credits (ECTS) in informatics in a bachelor’s study programme (proven by a diploma supplement or certified transcript of successful completion of the subjects of a bachelor’s study programme).
  • Achieving a minimum of 90 credits (ECTS) in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in a bachelor’s study programme (by completing courses in the relevant subject, for example neural networks, artificial/computational intelligence, machine learning, database systems, data mining, distributed algorithms, etc.)
  • Passing the written entrance test (min. 50%).

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Directory:\Binding deadlines

Artificial intelligence and Data science.

Directory:\ Admission

  • End of January each year – online entrance test (information provided by THD).
  • Results usually within 14 days of passing the test.
  • In the meantime, visa resolution and the student’s decision whether to join the summer semester at THD or the winter semester at USB.
  • If a student applied for dormitories at the University of South Bohemia and they were always allocated to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of CZK 2,000 by 31 August
  • By September 30, every year enrollment at USB –Usually done as a bulk after enrolling in THD.

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