Artificial intelligence and Data science.

Internship (professional practice) is a very important part of the entire study of the International Master’s Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (MAID).

The aim of the internship is to use and verify the acquired knowledge and skills in the practical conditions of a particular business environment. At the same time, students will test their own ability to solve a number of practical problems in the field of applied informatics. This solution of practical problems and understanding of the context of the company’s operation will help anchor theoretical knowledge and clarify specific areas of interest in AI, data science and computer systems.

Part of the course is an introductory seminar to the presentation of companies, at the end of the internship students will prepare a final report as a condition for granting credit.
Internships in individual technology companies are contractually provided.

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  • Internship is the main content of (usually) the third semester of study and it depends on the student whether he / she chooses to complete an internship at a German or Czech company.
  • For completing the internship, the student will receive 20 credits.
  • To complete the semester, however, the student needs 30 credits, so it is necessary that in addition to internship in the semester, he also completes some other subjects of his choice – the so-called electives.
    • If the student chooses an internship on the Czech side – University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (USB), the electives must be only from USB.
    • If the student chooses an internship on the German side – Technischen Hochschule Deggendorf (Deggendorf Institute of Technology) (THD), electives must also be only from THD.
    • Due to different legislation in the Czech Republic and Germany, it is not possible to mix USB and THD subjects within one semester of MAID study. The study requirement is only to complete one semester at a partner university. The rest is fully up to the MAID student.
  • At the beginning of the internship, the student must submit a confirmed document about the beginning of the internship in a specific company / organization.
  • To complete the internship, it is necessary to confirm the employer of successful completion of the internship and the presentation of the final report.

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Artificial intelligence and Data science.

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Information Explanation
Internship takes place (usually) in the third semester for a definite period During the semester, when the internship takes place, the amount of further teaching will be limited.
The length of the student internship is 480 hours

+ 10 hours seminar

+ 10 hours final report

Students must prove the actual length of their Internship.
Internship must be focused on the field of study The scope of work in Internship must be in the field of IT, at least in part with a focus on artificial intelligence or data science. The scope of work must be described in the document at the beginning of the internship and agreed. Internship activities and the content of the final report can be verified at the company / organization.
Internship must be concluded with a company or organization that has a Cooperation Agreement with the university (USB or THD) in the implementation of Internship of students. For both the German and Czech sides, it is necessary that an Agreement be signed between the company providing the Internship and the university (USB or THD). If a student chooses a company or organization with which the Agreement has not yet been signed for Internship, he / she must sign before the student starts Internship, even if it is only this single student.

The draft Contract is approved by the university’s legal department (USB or THD), if the legal department of the company or organization does not agree with the draft contract and wants to make changes, in case of small changes it is possible to accept them, in case of larger changes (USB or THD).

You can find a sample of the Agreement on cooperation in the implementation of students‘ professional practice here.

Recognition of already completed Internships Recognition of already completed the Internships is possible only in exceptional and well-justified cases. The content of the Internship would correspond to the focus of the study – that is, the focus and artificial intelligence. The Commission will decide on the admission of an already completed the Internship, which must not be older than 2 years.

Recognition of the Internship is possible, for example, if the bachelor’s study contained 7 semesters according to the study plan and the student thus achieved at least 210 credits (ECTS).

If a previous Internship is to be recognized, the student must submit the required documents in the same way as other students

A „student supervisor“ must be appointed in the company or organization At the end of the Internship the Supervisor will complete and sign the document „Internship completion confirmation„. Without this signed document the Internship cannot be recognized.
The company or organization has the right to exclude a student from the Internship at any time, in case of violation of the Internship conditions or company regulations. In this case the Internship will not be recognized.
Internship is not paid However, companies may offer students a financial or other reward as part of motivation or as a reward for extraordinary benefit / performance.
At the end of the Internship the student will prepare and sign the document „Internship final report

(Internship final report”)

To be included in the Internship must be recognized document „Internship final report“.
Defense of the Internship At the end of the Internship the student presents the results of the Internship to the Commission. As part of the Defense, the Commission expects the development of student-company cooperation (further development of cooperation).

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  1. One of the reasons for the Internship is that the cooperation between the company and the student is expected to continue. We expect that the result of the cooperation between the student and the company will be the possibility to define joint diploma theses and / or semester theses and that both parties will continue in scientific cooperation. The Commission therefore expects to hear information on future cooperation in the defense of Internship.
  2. If a student wants to complete the Internship in another company with which the Agreement has not yet been signed, he / she must be signed before the Internship begins.

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  • Czech version
  • German version

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